Love God. Love People.

Dardenne Church students is a safe space for students to find belonging in community, while discovering truth through Biblical teaching, connecting with the hope and love of Jesus Christ, and generously sharing their faith through service. 

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Summer camp details

Drop off @ Lake Williamson on 6/23 at 3:00PM

Pick up @ Lake Williamson on 6/27 at 11:00AM

Packing list:

  • Modest athletic clothes
  • Modest casual clothes 
  • Bedding (sheet, blanket, pillow for a twin bed)
  • Toiletries
  • Towels, washcloths
  • Beach towel
  • Close-toed athletic shoes
  • Flip flops
  • Dark t-shirt & shorts for water activities 
  • Modest swimwear
  • Small bag/backpack (for carrying personal items around camp)
  • Bible, pen, notebook
  • Re-usable water bottle 
  • Hat/sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug spray
  • Luggage labeled with student's name
  •  Eagle Crest Waiver (printed, signed & packed in your luggage)


Please pray for Summer Camp!

We leave Saturday June 23 for Lake Williamson where we will spend the week with having fun in the sun and growing closer to Jesus.  There are about 50 people in total taking this trip.  If you are staying home this time around, please lift us up in prayer while we are gone. 

Here are some specific things to pray for:

Saturday, June 23, 7:00AM - We will head out early with our staff and team to prepare for the arrival of leaders and students later in the day. Please pray for:

  • Safe Travel
  • Peace
  • That We Remember All the Equipment
  • The Room are Ready for Us at Lake Williamson 
  • Good Health for the Staff and Musicians
  • Wisdom and Clarity
  • Unity

Saturday, June 23, 11:00AM - Leaders will head to Lake Williamson. Please pray for:

  • Safe Travel
  • Easy Transition From Family
  • Good Health
  • Peace
  • Rest
  • Humble Confidence

Saturday, June 23, 1:00PM - We will begin leader training. Please pray for:

  • Wisdom for Becky as She Prepares the Leaders
  • Good Weather
  • Peace and Calm Nerves
  • The Lake Williamson Staff

Please pray for students and parents:

  • Safe Travel
  • Easy Separation
  • Receptive Hearts
  • Peace and Calm Nerves
  • Unity
  • That Marriages are Strengthened While the Kids are Gone
  • No Homesick Kids

We will be in service at the Following Dates and Times:

Saturday 7:00PM
Sunday   7:00PM
Monday  7:00PM
Tuesday  7:00PM

While we are in services, please pray for:

  • The Teacher to Speak God’s Word Clearly and Effectively
  • The Enemy Would Have No Space
  • Energy
  • Receptive Hearts
  • Good Behavior
  • Open Ears and Eyes

All other times, please pray for:

  • Stamina
  • Unity
  • Acceptance
  • Good Health
  • Good Weather
  • The Hands That Will Prepare Our Meals
  • Wisdom for Leaders
  • Each and Every Person to Leave Change
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summer days

DCS will not be meeting on the dates listed. For all other dates, please check our DCS calendar!

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We are heading to the St. Louis Dream Center to spend a few days serving people right in our own city. If you are in 9th-12th grade (for the 2018/2019 school year), and want to know more about this trip, head over to the calendar for all the details and to register! 

Who We Are


Wednesday Nights

Dardenne Church Students meet on most Wednesday nights from 6:00PM-8:00PM, with worship starting at 6:30PM, in The Loft. These nights are a time to connect with friends, ask questions, and find support within community. Our hope is that all students who attend will take a step deeper in their faith journey, encounter Jesus in a meaningful way, and leave feeling more empowered to share Jesus with the world.

DCS is for Middle School and High School students. 


Sunday Mornings 

At DCS, we believe that students are not only the future leaders of our church, but they are leaders today. Student Leadership Program meets most Sunday Mornings for prayer, devotion, planning and practical leadership development. All students 6th-12th grade are encouraged to join us as we dig deep into God's word, serve our church and plan creative ways to lead a watching world to the feet of Jesus. 

Friday Nights

This is a space for students to connect with Jesus on a whole other level. It happens on the first Friday of most months. We believe that students have a unique opportunity to be a light on their campus and in their community. Our hope is that every student who comes to UPRISING takes a step deeper in their faith journey, encounters Jesus in a meaningful way, and feels empowered to share Jesus to the world.

So invite your friends and get ready to have FUN. You won't want to miss these nights! 

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